Experience Deep Relaxation Through Sound Self Care

Deep Relaxation Through Sound

The Basic Principles of Sound Massage


Through mindful attention you will be able to become an observer of your own life and surroundings. With this fresh perspective you can be inspired by new solutions and positive growth.


Full appreciation is given to you as a person for your perceptions, feelings, and emotions, and for the handling of your situations and problems.


Peter Hess sound massage is understood as a holistic method that appeals to body, mind, and soul.

Less Is More

The less is more principle sets the Peter Hess method in contrast to some other sound methods. A sustained, positive affect is sustained through a gradual approach based on the individual’s needs and pace of response.

Solution & Resource Orientation

Peter Hess sound methods are aligned to the resources of our clients. It is assumed that everyone already carries the solution. Although perhaps the access to it is not yet perceivable.

Dialogue Based Interaction

The relationship between sound massage practitioner and patient is influenced by a dialogue based interaction in which they see each other as equal partners.
During a sound massage harmonious sounds and gentle vibrations create a space for deep healing relaxation.

During a full sound massage, singing bowls are placed on key areas of the body to complete the circuit of vibrational energy flow throughout the body. As the sound travels, your body naturally absorbs the specific frequencies that it needs for healing.

Our breath becomes quieter and deeper, and we begin to let go. In letting go, we can get rid of worries, problems, blockages, and disease. We find a new harmony where clarity and healing can occur of mind, body, and soul.

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Getting Started

 Sound Self Care - How it works

How It Works

Learn more about sound massage therapy and sound massage.

History & Ritual

History & Ritual

Learn more about the origins of sound massage.

Sound Self Care - Benefits


Discover all of the benefits of sound massage and sound self care.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Benefits of Sound Self Care

The following benefits are possible outcomes that you may experience from sound massage.
These are not guaranteed or proven medical claims.

Neuro-muscular system

Decrease of reflex actions, number of active motoric unities and EMG signals

Cardiovascular system

Reduction of heart rate and blood pressure, and expansion of peripheral arteries, sensation of warmth


Respiration becomes more shallow and regular

Central Nervous System

EEG shows an increase of alpha and theta waves


Insulin level rises; cholesterol level, cortisol concentration in saliva and norepinephrine declines

Electrodermal Characteristics

Skin resistance rises and conductivity declines; respectively, activity of perspiratory glands decreases

Learn The Methods

Learn Self Care Methods

Sound Self Care

Learn how to treat yourself at home with only 5 minutes per day.

Peter Hess Academy

Peter Hess® Academy

Train to become a certified Peter Hess® Practitioner.

Learn - Practical Applications

Practical Applications

View all of the different ways sound massage can be integrated into your healing practice.

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