Aura Work

The Aura Explained

Seeing The Aura

The Aura is the invisible web of energy around us.

Many of us don’t even know that the aura exists; mostly because, we cannot perceive, see, or touch it. In other words, the aura is intangible. However, with focused attention and practiced awareness any of us can sense or perceive our aura. With enough practice it is possible to sense, feel, or even see the aura.

A Healthy Aura

  • Is wide and full, gives a large area of protection
  • Radiates pleasant energy
  • Has pleasing and harmonious colors
  • Is free from discordant colors
  • Is round, smooth, and without holes, hills, or valleys

Reading The Aura

The condition of the Aura mirrors the condition of the body.

In the East a healer looks first at the condition of the aura. Even illnesses not yet manifest in the body are often visible in the aura. Taking care of the body starts with taking care of the aura. All changes signify impending illness or one already existing.

  • A collapsed aura indicates a low level of energy, insufficient immune response, and impending illness.
  • Color disharmony is sign of certain illnesses.
  • Color spots and holes in the aura signify blockages.

Harmonizing The Aura Through Sound

The sound from the singing bowls protects, strengthens, and heals the aura.

There are various methods for cleansing the aura. A simple, yet powerful way is doing it with singing bowls, which are rich in overtones and contain the complete sound palette of the human body.

Singing bowls can be used to treat the aura directly – off the body.

Because the aura is the body’s mirror and its inseparable counterpart, such a relaxing treatment always benefits both body and aura. There is no division but the emphasis of the treatment can be placed either on the body or on the aura.

Aura Example

Example of Aura Cleansing

The patient lies on his stomach. The therapist taps the singing bowl about thirty centimeters above the head and guides the bowl slowly along the back at a distance of fifteen to thirty centimeters, from the head, following the spine, down the legs to the feet. This movement is repeated 3 to 5 times.

Through this procedure and the sound of the singing bowl, heavy, illness promoting vibrations are removed from the aura. The sound of the singing bowl fills the aura with strengthening, harmonious sounds. The therapist performs this procedure in the opposite direction from feet to head 3 to 5 times. The sounds harmonize the aura, which responds by resonating in a symphony of bright and healthy colors.