Deep Relaxation

Through Sound

The Basic Principles of Sound Massage

During a sound massage harmonious sounds and gentle vibrations create a space for deep healing relaxation.

During a full sound massage, singing bowls are placed on key areas of the body to complete the circuit of vibrational energy flow throughout the body. As the sound travels, your body naturally absorbs the specific frequencies that it needs for healing.

Our breath becomes quieter and deeper, and we begin to let go. In letting go, we can get rid of worries, problems, blockages, and disease. We find a new harmony where clarity and healing can occur of mind, body, and soul.


Getting Started

Sound Massage

How It Works

Learn more about sound massage therapy and sound massage.

Origin of the singing bowl

History & Ritual

Learn more about the origins of sound massage.



Discover all of the benefits of sound massage and sound self care.

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A New Order After Relaxation

Relaxation through sound massage can result in effortless detachment from all stress, tension, and inner blockages. Free of your problems, you can achieve an emptiness of mind that leads to new levels of creativity, order, and harmony.

You will be able to become an observer of your own life and surroundings. With a fresh perspective you can be inspired by new solutions and positive growth.

Sound therapy benefits people of all ages as it strengthens the immune system and is helpful for overall wellness.

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Our bestseller, the Peter Hess® Universal Bowl, comes with a high quality felt mallet (alternative vegan option: rubber mallet), a felt coaster (alternative vegan option: cotton coaster), cotton bag and a booklet with exercises, as well as a journal to keep track of the changes.

This is a perfect set to start your journey working with sound.

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Learn The Methods

What happens in the body

Sound Self Care

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Practical Applications

View all of the different ways sound massage can be integrated into your healing practice.

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