Experience Deep Relaxation Through Sound Self Care

Purchasing A Singing Bowl

How To Shop For A Singing Bowl

To start out, one bowl is sufficient.

When buying more bowls later on, you should check whether they sound good together and are in harmony with the first bowl. Since the Tibetan singing bowls were originally not made as musical instruments, there are big differences in the quality of their sound, which you can only appreciate when you have a large number of singing bowls to compare. Here are a few important criteria when purchasing.

Were the bowls selected by an expert?

    • Singing bowls are frequently imported by a dealer with no knowledge about their quality. Such a blind import can have up to 90% singing bowls of poor quality that are sold.
    • Peter Hess singing bowls are only sold for therapeutic purposes at the highest quality. Upon import, each bowl is tested for its construction tonal, and vibrational qualities by one of our experts. We will only sell the bowls that pass this inspection.

Can you verify the origin of the singing bowl?

    • When and where was the bowl made?
    • What metals does it contain?
      • Peter Hess singing bowls contain 12 traditional metals that produce a large range of sound frequencies and overtones, which make them perfect for our therapeutic methods of relaxation.

How is the sound of the bowl?

    • Do you perceive a full sound volume, do you hear ethereal sounds that lead you easily into relaxation?

How are the vibrations of the bowl?

    • Does it vibrate long and evenly, not in jumps, in sound as well as intensity?
      • A good bowl gives you the feeling that it vibrates for a long time, perhaps indefinitely.

Does the new bowl harmonize with your other bowls?

    • When you purchase a set of Peter Hess bowls online, our experts will make sure that the entire set harmonizes together before shipping.

How does it look?

    • Last but not least, it is of course important that you like the looks and sound of the bowl and what you want to use it for.