Criteria When Purchasing a Singing Bowl

To get started, one singing bowl is sufficient. The Sound Self Care kit includes the recommended entry level Universal bowl.

When expanding your bowl collection, it is important to consider the following:

  • How is the sound of the bowl? Does it resonate fully? Do you hear ethereal sounds that lead you easily into a state of relaxation?
  • How are the vibrations of the bowl? Does it vibrate long and evenly? A good bowl gives you the feeling that it vibrates for a long time.
  • Make sure that your new bowls are in harmony with the rest of your bowls.
  • Can you verify the origin of the singing bowl?
  • Where and when was it made? What metals does it contain?
  • Last but not least, do you connect with the bowl?

New Singing Bowls, Produced The Traditional Way

Peter Hess(R) bowls are produced according to the old tradition.

Many years and many trips throughout the Himalayas eventually uncovered the secrets of the high quality singing bowls produced in the traditional way.

A Mixture of Twelve Metals

Peter Hess (R) singing bowls are made of the traditional twelve metals.

  • Zinc (effective against stress)
  • Meteoric Iron (enhances motivatiion and action)
  • Bismuth (supports digestive system)
  • Galena (helps with join inflammation)
  • Pyrite (strengthens the lung)

The alloy also contains a small piece of an old singing bowl, which serves as a carrier of ancient knowledge.

The molten metals are poured into a thick slice. While still hot, it is forged by four to five smiths into a singing bowl. The production of a quality bowl takes about 32 hours.

Only the best of the best bowls are selected for sale through Sound Self Care.

Peter Hess Products

A complete set for therapy consists of the following three bowls:

  • A small singing bowl with a high sound – best suited for the heart and throat area.
  • A medium singing bowl with a wide sound spectrum – best suited for the treatment of hand and foot reflex zones, as well as the joints.
  • A large singing bowl with deep sounds – best suited for the upper and lower abdomen.