Frequently Asked Questions

How do I learn the methods of Sound Self Care?

Sound Self Care exercises show you how you can use the Peter Hess Universal Singing Bowl to help you regain inner peace, self-love, focus and relaxation.

You can learn these exercises from:

  • The booklet in the Sound Self Care Box, that also includes the Sound Bowl, mallet and mat.
  • In person at Sound Self Care Retreats
  • Online Sound Self Care Retreats (coming soon)

Learn more about retreats and events near you by contacting

Full schedule coming soon.

Can I become a licensed practitioner?


It is possible to become a licensed Peter Hess® Sound Massage Practitioner. Sound massage can be applied in a variety of settings including spas, massage, yoga, physical therapy, and more.

Training is provided at 4 different levels. All 4 levels must be completed for certification with an additional mandatory observation weekend.

At this time, please visit for more details and a full schedule of training sessions.

I am interested in offering Sound Self Care services at my spa. How does it work?

If you are interested in incorporating Sound Self Care at your spa, please contact us at for more information.

How do I purchase Peter Hess® Singing Bowls?

Our online store is coming soon. For now, please contact us using the contact form below or by emailing directly.

I want to buy a bowl. Do I need to purchase the entire set?


Peter Hess® Singing Bowls are sold individually.

The suggested complete set is only required for trained professionals offering the full Peter Hess® Sound Massage experience.

In order to begin Sound Self Care, you can start with the medium sized Universal Bowl. This bowl has a wide sound spectrum to be used universally.

A Sound Self Care Kit is also available, which gives you everything that you need to get started.

Contact us at to learn more about purchasing Peter Hess® Singing Bowls.

Is it possible to purchase Peter Hess® Singing Bowls Wholesale?

If you are interested in wholesale purchases, please contact us at for more information.

Where can I get a sound massage?

You can receive a sound massage by visiting a licensed Peter Hess Sound Massage Practitioner.

A full directory of practitioners is coming.

For now, you can view a list of practitioners here

Can sound massage replace medical treatment?


Peter Hess Sound Massage methods are designed to offer a space for relaxation.

The listed benefits of sound therapy are possible results based on years of observations and study in practical applications.

There can be no guarantee of any specific results or healing of any kind for any individual.

The information on this website is for educational purposes only. If you are unsure if Sound Self Care is for you, you should speak with your doctor or health care professional before you start.

Why have I never heard of this before?

Peter Hess Sound Massage is very well known in Germany and across Europe, but is only now emerging in the United States.

It is the mission of Sound Self Care and Hess Sound Concepts to share the gift of sound with as many people as possible.